How to save children from cold

How to save children from cold

When the child is ill, hundreds of times are slipped by a thought that it is better most to have, than to see how the kid suffers. Sometimes, ourselves blame ourselves that ourselves did not save the baby from a disease. In the childhood children most often have cold which is so easy for picking up anywhere. What measures to undertake and how to save children from cold – a question which concerns most of parents.


1. Strengthen immunity to the child. It is the best of all to resort to national methods. Using medicines for strengthening, the boomerang effect is often gained, and the immunity only weakens even more. Make teas from herbs, a dogrose. You watch food of the kid. It is necessary to exclude from a diet the chips, various candies rich in E-additives, carbonated drinks and other similar food which seems to it such tasty. Try to feed the child with useful and natural products which do not do harm to the growing organism, and on the contrary, give all necessary substances for growth and development.

2. Pay special attention to hardening of an organism of the kid. Study the literature devoted to hardening, talk to teachers. They will teach you to begin correctly preparation for procedures, otherwise, the child can get sick because of unpreparedness of an organism. Hardening is the system of procedures which promote increase in resilience of an organism from adverse effects of the environment. Therefore, children who became tempered from the first days of life have catarrhal diseases much less.

3. Accustom the child to physical activity. To kindergarten practice joint exercises, in a kindergarten write down on additional lessons, subsequently, write down the kid in some section contributing to the physical development.

4. In the period of epidemics, smear to the child a nose with antiviral ointment, add garlic and onions to food. Avoid contacts with sick people if the contact is inevitable, put a mask on the kid. For prevention of cold during these periods it is possible to give vitamins and to take the antiviral drugs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team