How to save children from injuries

How to save children from injuries

The traumatism is rather widespread in the children's environment. Daily the great number of children suffers from injuries. City streets are the most dangerous to school students. And here kids can easily undergo a trauma even in the apartment. Therefore parents need to be extremely provident with tots, and with the senior children to lead discussions concerning rules of conduct on the street.


1. Kids cannot explain that it is impossible to touch sockets, to approach the gas stove, to take a cup with hot tea. Therefore mothers and fathers should prevent developing of injuries at the child. As soon as the baby of the beginnings actively to creep, all dangerous objects have to be removed far away from it. It concerns fragile ware, knives, forks, electric devices. Surely get caps on sockets and lockers and also fixers on a door.

2. Try to limit access for the kid to kitchen as this place in the house – the raised danger source. The hot teapot, the boiling soup, the gas stove attract the baby and can become the cause of the hardest trauma. Therefore do not allow the child to play in kitchen or minimize time of its stay there. If you have to prepare, and to look after the baby there is nobody, get an arena. So you will be sure that the tot is in the safe place.

3. Not superfluous will be to pay attention and to the child's toys. They have to be strong that he could not break them accidentally. Sometimes the beads which were pouring out from a rattle easily get to a nose or an ear of the little researcher. Besides toys should not contain fine details, acute angles. It is necessary that they were in the place, available to the kid, if desired to play it had not to climb on the shelf.

4. To save from injuries of the child of advanced age, it is necessary to lead periodically the discussions concerning rules and standards of behavior at school on the street, in the yard. Of course, it is impossible to forbid and refuse to children outdoor games, sporting events. Here the task of the adult has to consist in education of feeling of care and intelligence that, making any given action, the child thought of consequences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team