How to save children from worms

How to save children from worms

Helminthosis - the disease extended among children which is provoked worms - the small worms parasitizing in intestines, a liver, lungs and other internals of the child. Symptoms of a disease are the uneasy dream of the kid, belly-ache, naggers in an anus, inflammation of genitals, a loss of appetite and other signs.


1. Treatment of pinworms is done at a maintaining combination especially of the mode and intake of antivermicular medicines. During treatment the child has to follow rules of personal hygiene. Change underwear daily, ideally 2 times a day. Surely iron bed linen after washing in hot water the iron of times in two-three days. The kid has to be washed away not less than two times a day then to wash hands thoroughly. Do not allow combing of the itching places. Therefore as it is possible cut to the child nails on hands well.

2. You carry out indoors daily damp cleaning with use of the washing disinfectants. Then disinfect rags boiling. Observe the similar mode within 3-4 weeks. And, you have to adhere to the same schedule. If there was no new infection, all pinworms who were in the child's intestines have to die.

3. In hard and long cases the use of medicines, such as Mebendazol, Kombatrin, Dekaris, "Piperazin" is recommended. All means are chosen according to age and at the rate on the body weight of the patient.

4. For treatment of an enterobioz use also national methods. In combination with medicamentous therapy it is possible to accept carrot juice. Wring out it every morning and give to the child on a glass within 2-3 weeks on a hungry stomach. To children 2 years in liquid are more senior add one crushed garlic head. Fill in 3 garlic gloves with a glass of milk and boil means on a water bath within 10 minutes. Accept on a teaspoon for 10 days. To children 5 years are more senior it is possible to eat 1-2 cloves before meal.

5. Against pinworms pumpkin sunflower seeds are considered as the most popular national recipe. Give them to the child on an empty stomach in number of 100 g. Apply them not less than one month. To kids add the pounded seeds to sugar, diluting with a small amount of milk. To children 5 years better independently are more senior to chew them. The greatest result can be achieved if after each reception of pumpkin sunflower seeds you give to the child a tablespoon of castor oil. For disposal of pinworms broth of a pharmaceutical camomile which needs to be parted with water to a translucent state also helps and to accept instead of water up to one liter a day.

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