How to save pregnancy

How to save pregnancy

The threat of an abortion can arise for various reasons: ill health of the woman, stresses, wrong way of life or physical activities. Fortunately, in many cases the pregnancy can be saved if to observe all recommendations of doctors, to make necessary tests and to regularly undergo inspections.


1. If at registration on pregnancy the doctor diagnosed for you a uterus tone which is fraught with a spontaneous abortion, and you have serious gynecologic diseases or other heavy illnesses, treatment in a hospital can be offered to you. Listen to the words of the doctor and do not refuse hospitalization if you really want to take out the kid.

2. In more mild cases when except a uterus tone any more any pathologies menacing to normal development of a fruit is not revealed in you, the doctor, most likely, will appoint to you out-patient drug treatment. Besides drugs it will probably be also recommended to you to reduce physical activity and to refuse sex life. Do not scorn these opinion and regularly take the drugs appointed by the gynecologist — it will help you to avoid emergence of an abortion.

3. Can lead to spontaneous termination of pregnancy also some chronic diseases therefore surely tell your doctor about the problems with health which are available for you. Consult the corresponding experts and that pregnancy proceeded normally, strictly observe their recommendations. If in it there is a need, complete a full course of treatment.

4. Even if you are absolutely healthy, then  during incubation of the child try to have a rest more, diversify the food allowance and try to avoid stresses, injuries and heavy physical and intellectual activities which can lead to threat of an abortion too. Regularly you have planned medical examinations and ultrasonic inspections — it will help to reveal any, even the most insignificant deviations in development of a fruit.

5. If you had symptoms of the beginning abortion: pain in the bottom of a stomach or in a waist began to disturb you, you had bloody allocations from a genital tract — do not self-medicate and, without wasting time, urgently see a doctor. In many cases in time the measures taken by experts help to normalize a situation and to keep pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team