How to save the child from a disease

How to save the child from a disease

All mothers dream to surround the child with a high wall which would protect him from diseases. To construct such fortress, strengthen the protective system of the child by all available means.


1. Make to the child teas and officinal herbs decoctions with immunomodulatory action. Consumption of such teas and broths forces organism child to synthesize cages of the immune system in the increased quantity. As a result of it the organism begins to react to penetration of pathogenic bacteria and viruses quicker. But keep in mind that officinal herbs can cause allergies in the child therefore before application surely read the instruction for application. And if there are questions, consult with the pediatrician.

2. Strengthen children's immunity and inoculations which are directed to protection of an organism against two-three certain strains of a virus. The organism begins to react to an inoculation, developing at the same time antibodies which battle against flu viruses. Remember that if other strain of flu will get to an organism of the child, then the inoculation will be useless and will not protect from flu.

3. Do not forget about douche by cold water. It considerably improves thermal control and the organism of the child "accustoms" not to react to temperature drops as on a stress. Begin to temper the child as soon as possible - before there comes "the season of colds".

4. Buy in pharmacy medicines for strengthening of immunity. Very good medicine – Veteron, it contains the beta carotene having immunomodulatory properties. Beta carotene also stimulates development of cages of the immune system and therefore the organism is constantly ready to reflection of "attacks" of any viruses and microbes. This medicine does not cause allergies; children can accept it since three years.

5. Well increase organism resilience to diseases and an aromatherapy. For example, essential oils of an eucalyptus, lavender, a thyme, pine, a lemon, cinnamon are effective for prevention and treatment of flu. And oils of a fir-tree, a fir, a cedar, ginger, a bergamot work against cold. For carrying out an aromatherapy close windows and doors in the nursery, pour warm water into an aromokurilnitsa, add 3-5 drops of essential oil or composition from several aromas and light from below a tea candle. Gradually air will be sated with a curative smell. Begin from 20-30 minutes, gradually increasing session duration till three o'clock.

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