How to save the child from obesity?

How to save the child from obesity?

To a great regret, problems of obesity among children are particularly acute for people enough today, and doctors are very strongly concerned. Obesity not only worsens the child's figure, but also his health puts at big risk that it is even more dangerous.

Only parents have to watch the normal weight of children, on parents the responsibility for the correct health of the child exactly until lies until the child becomes rather adult and independent person.

Many fathers with mothers do not keep up with healthy nutrition of the children, apart from it important or necessary. For many parents the main thing that their small miracle at least fed on something several times a day and was not thin. It is clear, that it is a wrong position, if the child independently chooses to himself a food allowance, it cannot end with something good. Children will choose anyway to themselves forbidden fruits which will not bring benefit to an organism.

It does not mean that children need to be fed only with healthy food, sometimes it is possible to allow to give it something harmful and very tasty for it, but healthy food has to be the prevailing food.

Overeating begins with the early childhood when parents or grandmothers with grandfathers feed the child. They try to push in it as much as possible sucker of food, thinking that the child did not gorge on yet. Such eagerness they stretch to the child his stomach, provoking thereby overeating. And it means that next time it will not be able to be sated same quantity of products any more, and portions will increase. As the result, at the child will appear obesity.

How it is possible to save the child from overeating?

Besides emergence in children of extra kilos, overeating reduces their activity. And those children who spend the day, without being engaged in any affairs, are most often inclined to manifestation of obesity so children need to be accustomed to active carrying out time.

In case the weight of the child exceeds norm, it is necessary to take measures at once. The first and most important – correction of food. If it does not help, it is necessary to address the qualified nutritionist who will be able to make a competent diet.

The weight of each person directly affects his health, and all responsibility for children lies on parental shoulders. An important point – parents have to set only a positive example, each child will copy as a result behavior and manners of the parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team