How to save the child from stresses

How to save the child from stresses

Choba at school for the child did not seem the first days hell, it should be prepared thoroughly. Parents have to lead in advance discussions in which they will tell about school, about buildings, about teachers.

The main thing to interest the child that it had a desire to go to this educational institution. Also such preparation will reduce chance of development of overfatigue.


The first, than the child can be indignant is an early awakening. Practically nobody likes to get up early, many very much like to have a sleep. But when in early rise there is a need, it is necessary to overcome itself. Here and to the child it is necessary to help with so difficult business. In order that morning began more interestingly, it is possible to suggest the school student to buy the new children's alarm clock. Then morning will begin more positively.

The personal alarm clock develops discipline, responsibility at the school student and helps the school student to be adjusted for the working day. First parents need to control awakening process, but over time the child himself will get used to rise and plan the actions.


It is necessary to have breakfast everything, to children including. Food which the child receives for breakfast has to be easy and nutritious. For example, the school student can weld a squash or to give natural yogurt with fresh fruit and berries.

The lunch is the most important of meal rituals. It has to include many calories and nutrients. It will help the child to develop forces for games and performance of homework. At the menu there has to be a protein, at enough. It contains in meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. Besides such products are saturated with vitamins, cellulose and useful minerals. For dinner on the contrary you should not give some heavy food. And it is necessary to take it for a couple of hours to a dream.

Gymnastics for eyes

At the beginning of school days there is improbable load of eyes. Therefore it will be better if parents control a condition of eyes and if something happens will show the school student to the oculist. It is also best of all to protect the child from the TV in a large number and other gadgets.

In order that the sight remained normal, it is necessary to carry out gymnastics for eyes, it should be done each ten minutes. Let the child roll eyes, blinks, will look in a window. Thanks to such movements of a muscle of eyes will relax and will have a rest. Also it will be remarkable if the kid walks much on the street and to regularly accept vitamin A.

Change of position of a body

At school children spend in motionless situation much time, sitting at a school desk. It can perniciously affect a backbone and muscles. As they relax and cease to perform the main functions. Besides, such monotony of position of a body can have an adverse effect on mood of the school student. Quite recently he jumped, ran and had fun, and now is forced to sit long time at a boring school desk.

If the child has an aspiration to sport, then it will be better to send him to some sports section. There it will be able not only to strengthen the muscles, but also to splash out excess energy. If the child is indifferent to sport, that is physical education classes which will also positively affect physical health of the school student. And some teachers carry out a physical cult - minutes that children could warm up muscles.

It would be remarkable if on the weekend all family went to skating, to campaigns or to walks on foot.


Many parents expect from the school student that that will become an excellent student, but it happens seldom. Most often the child does not meet expectations, and parents begin to accuse him of all failures. A position this not true as at failures the child expects that close people will support him.

Parents of the school student have to understand that all children different and it is not necessary to compare the child to others. Let at the kid it is impossible to be the excellent student, but perhaps he will succeed in something another. The child needs be not to abused for failures, and to support him, to let know that at it everything will turn out, to offer the help. Then the school student will be more open for parents and it is possible, desire to please mom and dad, and will become motivation for good study.

The mood and nervousness of parents is transferred to the child. Therefore everything needs to be thought over, to be prepared and calm down carefully. Then this period will be painless and is quiet. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team