How to save the child from stutter

How to save the child from stutter

Such problem as stutter, can become the reason of mass of complexes at your child. At stutter at the kid the rhythm and tempo of speech are broken, he repeats separate sounds and syllables several times, constantly falters. The reasons for that there can be a set, the most widespread of them: a strong fright, a consequence after an infectious disease, the rough attitude towards the child and frequent quarrels of parents. Help the child to get rid of this illness.


1. Address experts as at the child have to take part in treatment of stutter directly the neurologist, the psychotherapist and the logopedist. Treatment comes down to overcoming fears and development of skills of the correct speech, the program consists of two parts: medical and improving and correctional and educational. As the organism of the child grows, and nervous system stabilizes, stutter can pass in itself, spontaneously.

2. For certain such instructive fable "Crow and Fox" which was written by Krylov is familiar to your child. And so, this fable highly influences stutter. The child has to read this text without uttering each word, and stretching – drawlingly. If the kid is not able to read yet, learn together with him this remarkable fable and try to sing together. It should be done not less than four-seven times a day. Already a week later you will notice improvements, and later month later of daily trainings it is possible to get rid of stutter absolutely.

3. The medicamentous method of treatment of stutter is directed to intake of tranquilizers and anticonvulsant medicines. "Fenibut" concerns one of them, but it is not recommended to apply the long time given medicine as side effects are possible. If necessary use tinctures of herbs and the calming broths. Motherwort broth effectively calms nervous system of the child and helps from stutter.

4. That efforts of experts did not become futile, parents have to help the child to get rid of stutter. It is important that at the same time the child heard houses only the correct speech. You speak with him quietly and exactly, you do not hurry and do not adjust the kid, encourage for progress. If the child goes to school, talk to the teacher as it is not desirable for first to call the stutterer to a board and to raise on him the voice (the child begins to stammer when he experiences nervousness, fear and experience).

5. Carry out breath exercise together with the child. Make a slow breath through a nose, then squeeze lips and leave only a small opening, slowly exhale through a mouth. This exercise is called "candle". The following exercise – "engine". Make a fast breath and on one exhalation say three times in a row a sound "п". Do ten-fifteen such exercises several times a day. Only joint efforts of doctors and parents will help to save the child from stutter.

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