How to save the child from troubles

How to save the child from troubles

The danger can trap the child in any place. One of the leading causes of death of children are accidents in life and on the street. Besides, children owing to the trustfulness, become the victims of swindlers and criminals. The task of parents is to organize a living space so that to reduce danger to a minimum.


1. Remove far away drugs that the child could not reach them. You store all detergents (powder, bleaches, etc.) in the inaccessible place. Do not leave a match and lighters on a table that the small child had no temptation to use them. If the child often stays at home one, install smoke indicators. Explain what to do if something lit up: to immediately leave the apartment and to call to the aid. Try not to leave the child of one for long time.

2. Explain rules of conduct on the carriageway.

3. Teach the child how to behave on the street in the presence of animals: not to swing hands, not to shout, not to threaten a dog or a cat. To try not to iron an animal since the danger of aggression from his party is high. Besides, homeless animals are carriers of infectious diseases. The child has to know accurately that after the game with animals he surely has to wash up hands.

4. Tell the child that he has to show care in communication with strangers: to try not to talk to them, not to react if suggest to treat with something, to give a ride by car, etc. Not to give to foreign people the things – phone, clothes, keys. Not to open a door, being at home alone. To try to avoid poorly populated places, especially in the evening. At emergence of danger to shout and rustle, call to the aid to draw attention of people.

5. Provide the child with phones and the addresses of relatives. Small children have to know well the full names, a home address, names of parents. On a case of loss of phone, write down all necessary information and put in a school bag. Agree with neighbors that they could look after the child in case of need.

6. Be interested that your child reads, watches with whom is on friendly terms. Regularly communicate with school teachers. Establish trusting relationship. Be attentive if you noticed that the child began to behave in the way, unusual to it: became closed, ceased to talk, his behavior became inadequate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team