How to save the kid from gases

How to save the kid from gases

Gripes - the phenomenon which is found practically at every third kid in the first months of life. Applying of a warm towel, massage of a stomach, exhaust tubules and special pharmacological medicines will help to alleviate suffering of the baby.

The most popular methods

Intestinal gripes – the widespread phenomenon which is observed at newborns from third week of life. It is not pathology, but peculiar adaptation of digestive tract to "wordly" food. According to pediatricians, imperfect digestive system of the kid is not capable to cope with the solution of this problem as it is not able to produce the enzymes necessary for processing of food independently.

Rather popular method of disposal of the baby of gases is applying to a tummy of a warm diaper or towel. This reception is good the fact that muscles of intestines relax under the influence of heat, and, as a result, spasms disappear. It is important that fabric was not too hot.

Bath with warm water – also effective way of fight against gripes. However its shortcoming is that it is inapplicable right after acceptance of food when GAZ cars begin "to become more active". After the water procedures it is necessary to put for a while the kid on a tummy, and then - on a back, carefully pressing his knees to a breast.

One of the most effective means in fight against gripes is massage of a stomach. Soft strokings in the direction clockwise will help to calm down spasms and to release the collected gases. The main thing in this case is not to hurt the kid as the blown-up tummy is very sensitive.

Radical methods

Exhaust tubes – a radical method of disposal of the newborn of gripes which application is rational only when folk remedies are powerless. The principle of their action is rather simple – they are inserted into an anus of the kid for removal of the collected gases. It is not necessary to abuse this procedure, otherwise it is possible to injure a rectum of the baby. The modern medicine offers a set of the medicines developed especially for disposal of the newborn of gripes. The most widespread of them are: Riabal, Espumizan, "Bebinos", "Plantex", etc. Before their use it is necessary to try more sparing broth – "dill water" at the heart of which – fennel. It has sweetish taste and promotes a conclusion of GAZ cars, however its efficiency depends on specific features of the kid. In most cases digestion of the child by fourth month of life is normalized by itself. If it did not occur or symptoms disturb the baby too often, it is necessary to consult the expert.

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