How to save the newborn from a hiccups

How to save the newborn from a hiccups

The frequent and long hiccups at kids, as a rule, forces mothers to worry enough fairly. Actually there are no reasons for concern. The hiccups is absolutely painless and normal phenomenon for children of chest age which will be reduced to a minimum over time. There are several effective ways to save the newborn from a hiccups.


1. The hiccups caused by overeating or absorption of air. Give to the child vertical position. You carry it in this situation until it does not srygnt surplus of food, or that amount of milk which collected over a layer of accidentally swallowed air. Some children very seldom almost never belch () therefore, having taken the kid vertically about 15 minutes and not having achieved result, just let's it drink.

2. Try to tickle the kid gently and unostentatiously. It will lead to relaxation of a diaphragm (which tension is a hiccups) and, at the same time, will distract the kid.

3. Apply the kid to a breast. First, he can distract from a hiccups, having focused on sosatelny movements, and secondly, milk muffles a hiccups.

4. Drip to the baby under language several droplets of lemon juice or strong infusion of a camomile.

5. Put the kid on a tummy, and, meanwhile, do not stop to stroke gently to it a back. In such situation it will be much easier for it to srygnut. Besides, he can relax and distract, thanks to unostentatious massage.

6. The hiccups caused by thirst. Arrange the child vertically and give to drink cool water. You can use a small bottle or give to drink from a spoon small drafts (the last option is more effective, and therefore it is more preferable).

7. Let's the hiccupping baby drink a little sweetened water. Let swallows in the small portions. It is the best of all to give to drink from the syringe, or from a tea spoon. Certainly, it is necessary to give to drink in vertical position, otherwise the kid can choke.

8. The hiccups caused by overcooling. If the kid froze - wrap up him more warmly, put on a hat, socks, warm, having pressed to themselves.

9. The hiccups caused by emotional overexcitation. Remove exciting objects from a field of vision of the child. Muffle light, switch off the TV, make more silent music and by a low, quiet voice talk to the kid or sing to it something calming.

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