How to save the teenager from the bad company

How to save the teenager from the bad company

The serious problem disturbing many parents it how to save the child from influence of the bad company. The given advice will help.


1. Having learned that the teenager communicates with the children having bad reputation you should not snatch on the child with reproaches at once, to threaten with the bans and punishment in case he does not cease to be found these children. Such methods result in opposite effect. Children not only will not cease the communication with the company, hated for you, but also in every possible way will hide it from you. Half-words, an outright lie from the child begin with it.

2. Somehow to control a situation, to be aware of the events, allow to communicate to the child with whom he wants. Adjust with the teenager communication so that he with pleasure shared with you the experiences and impressions. If the behavior of friends of the child is beyond, unostentatiously point to the wrong acts of children, without becoming personal, prompt on an example, explain to the child, than the bad behavior is fraught.

3. In the period of awkward age, children often I switch the attention, easily are distracted from one hobby by another. Therefore friendship at this age can be short-lived and after summer vacation the child will be keen on already new friends. Try to switch its attention, for example, for the summer, having sent to summer camp, or to various sports sections, new circles. The child will plunge into other atmosphere, will begin to communicate with new people. Fill up free time of the child to the maximum. The main thing that it brought it pleasure therefore let itself chooses for himself hobbies.

4. If the child got to the bad company and begins to make rash, dangerous acts, under the influence of a gregarious instinct though he itself is not capable to explain the reasons of the behavior, think. The rebellious spirit, desire to show to parents and all surrounding a protest can be the cause of such behavior, to make acts to the whole world to spite. It is necessary to help the child to understand such situation what will lead such behavior to and what he will be able to achieve. Perhaps, the child is under strong influence of friends and does not know how to stop, and it is a shame to ask about the help for adults, there is no wish to hear reproaches and criticism in the address. Therefore let the child know that it did not happen, you are ready to support him and to come to the rescue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team