How to say a l letter

How to say a l letter

The sound of "l", as well as other sounds, can be absent absolutely in the speech of the child (for example, instead of words "saw", "onions" he says "p", "ук"). This sound can be replaced with other sounds ("piua", "йук"). Very often children replace a sound of "l" with soft option – and it turns out "sawing", "hatch". It is easy to explain it with the fact that position of organs of speech at pronunciation of a sound of "l" is slightly more difficult, than at pronunciation of a sound.


1. Take into consideration that in case of the correct pronouncing a sound of "l" the bodies of an articulation adopt the following provision: teeth are opened; lips are slightly opened; language – long and thin, its tip rests against the basis of front upper teeth; air passes stream sideways at the edges of language and then leaves corners of lips.

2. Carry out the following exercises promoting elaboration of the correct pronunciation of the letter "l" with the child. Start performance of exercise No. 1. Its purpose to learn to relax language muscles. Smile together with the child, slightly open a mouth, put a first wide line of a uvula on a lower lip. Hold it in such situation, including from one to ten. It is possible to compete with the child who will longer hold the language in similar situation.

3. Execute exercise "Horse". It strengthens muscles of language and develops skill of raising of language up. Smile, show teeth, slightly open a mouth and click a language tip (for example as the horse clinks hooves).

4. Do together with the child exercise "Swing". Its purpose to teach to change quickly the provision of language. It is necessary at connection of a sound of "l" with vowels and, y, oh, at. Smile, slightly open a mouth, put language for the lower teeth from the inside, then lift it upward, having rested a tip against upper teeth. Serially change the provision of language of 6-8 times, gradually accelerating speed.

5. You pass to exercise "The breeze blows". Purpose: to develop the air stream which is correctly leaving at the edges of language. Smile together with the child, slightly open a mouth, bite a language tip front teeth and blow. Check existence and the direction of a current of air, having brought a cotton wool piece to a mouth of the kid. If systematically to carry out this exercise it is loud (with inclusion of a voice) and with the language tip lifted up, the beautiful sound of "l" as a result will turn out.

6. Be trained together with the child to pronounce syllables and words with a sound of "l" - sing on motive of some song: the Leningrad Region-Leningrad Region-Leningrad Region, la - la-la, lu-lu-lu. Practice in pronunciation of such words as a saw, the hammer, a bulb, a horse, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team