How to seat the child in a car seat

How to seat the child in a car seat

Safety of the child in the car consists of many factors. The large role is played by a car seat: how strongly it is filled and as in it will fasten the kid. So, when landing in a chair there are certain rules which should be observed.


1. The chair fastens in the car by means of regular belts. One more widespread way of fixing - by means of fastening of Isofix. There are special cars which are equipped with such system of fastening. Information on it can be obtained at official dealers. In addition the children's chair surely has to have the Certificate of conformity to Standards of the Economic Commission for Europe of the UN. Compliance to standards says that the model of a chair passed necessary tests and approaches operation. Classification of car seats and by weight groups is provided.

2. The chair for the child is established in the car by a back in the direction of travel (for children age of two years). It is necessary that the musculoskeletal device was strong, then the kid will sit in a chair surely. Before landing undo the lock buckle (them can be a little). Seat the child in a chair and put on belts the right and left shoulder. Now connect belts which go from above with the lower belt. Thus, the child is densely pressed to a chair.

3. Before landing explain to the kid that during the trip it is not necessary to touch fasteners of belts as it can lead to accident. Some chairs have function of protection at side blow. Usually they are established on a seat by a side on the course to the movement of cars. Such chair guarantees safety for cervical department of the child. Whether pay attention the child sweats, sitting in a chair. It completely depends on quality of an upholstery. It is desirable that it was natural and strong. And of course, the upholstery has to be removed completely from a chair that it could be washed.

4. The back seat of the car is the safest place for a children's chair. If you put a chair on a front seat, disconnect a safety cushion. Cover sun-protection blinds that on the child beams did not fall. If the head of the kid supports the top back of a car seat it means that it needs to be replaced with a chair of the following age category.

5. Children who go in car seats nearly since the birth get used to it. At children is more senior try to develop the positive relation to such trips. When choosing a car seat take the child in shop. Allow it to sit some time in a chair. Allow him to choose color. The house let it will put the toys in a chair. So, softly accustom him to the correct behavior during the trips. The child has to sit in a chair quietly, not be capricious and not distract the driver from the road. Especially it concerns children is more senior than one year. A lot of things depend also on parents. As you behave during the movement, and the child will behave over time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team