How to seat the child on a pot

How to seat the child on a pot

There passed those times when was considered that with what earlier the kid will pass to 3-times food and will learn to use a pot, it will be that nezavisimy and his mom is better for those. There are no problems with washing and drying of linen now, besides, life of parents was facilitated considerably by pampers. It is considered that to begin to accustom the kid to a pot it is more expedient at the age of 18-24 months when the nerves and muscles which are responsible for control over the secretory system of an organism are most developed.

It is required to you

  • great patience, existence of free time, creative approach and sense of humour


1. The most important point in schooling of the kid to go to a pot the development and fixing at it a conditioned reflex "is to celebrate need" in a certain place. It is impossible to achieve it violently therefore have patience and prepare the child gradually.

2. Try to change as soon as possible dirty and wet panties and pampers. When the child is able already to perceive your explanations, convince him that it is very pleasant to go clean and dry. It is noticed that the children who got used to cleanliness master a pot quicker.

3. Watch your kid carefully. Try to study desires to departure of need: the kid calms down, becomes concentrated, squats on hunkers, "looks for the place" like a domestic cat, trying to come for a sofa corner, crosses legs. All these signs will be prompted to you that the kid grew up enough to learn to react to the processes happening in his organism. Your task is to follow and to react quickly.

4. Also next moments will help to understand readiness of the kid for training: the kid understands and performs simple tasks ("go bring a ball"), can report that he is hungry or wants to drink, takes off from himself dirty panties or pampers or somehow tells you that they are soiled.

5. Beginning training, pay attention to behavior of the child. If he begins to shout and resist in attempts to seat him on a pot, postpone training approximately for a month, every day telling the kid that through some time (designate the number of days) it will already grow up and will be able to use a pot.

6. Define degree of the readiness. Process of schooling to a pot – rather long and labor-consuming. From you the great patience, existence of free time, creative approach and sense of humour will be required.

7. Many mothers are helped by a high security of day and record with a notebook about time when the kid has secretory processes in an organism. It is so simpler to orient at what moment it is necessary to seat the child on a pot.

8. Accustom the kid to tell you when he wants on a pot. Constantly repeat a phrase: "Do you want on a pot? Tell mom!" Develop conditional codes, for example "p-p" and which simple pronunciation will help the kid to report about the requirements quicker.

9. Try that the child understood what from him is required, felt interrelation between the beginning of desires, removal of panties, jumping on a pot and departure in it the requirements. Development of a conditioned reflex also consists in it.

10. If "everything occurred" in panties or pampers, take the child in that room where there is a pot, shake out contents of shorts there and explain that "it has to be in a pot". The presentation and participation in process will help the kid to understand quicker that they want from him.

11. Do not abuse at all and do not beat the kid if he was not in time, did not tell you or forgot to descend on a pot. It will be rather reproachful to tell ""Oh, oh, oh"" and to shake the head. Have patience. Remember that sooner or later he will learn to do it, you did not see the school student going in pampers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team