How to select cosmetics

How to select cosmetics

reactions, pain, and at times and causing heavier harm to human health arise owing to use of cosmetics of poor quality or as result of individual intolerance of means.


  1. Buy cosmetics of average and the highest price categories as cheap cosmetics contain chemicals, harmful to organism.
  2. When choosing cosmetics be guided by popularity of the producer, you remember that cosmetics of unknown trademarks often are the cause of allergic reactions.
  3. Study marking of products. It is necessary to select cosmetics taking into account its appointment (for face skin, neck, for hands, contours of eyes or decorative means), type and features of your skin, season.
  4. Pay attention to age restrictions which are specified on packing, strictly observe this parameter.
  5. At selection of conditioning agents behind skin in summertime do not choose cosmetics as a part of which alcohol and acids contain.
  6. Select cosmetics containing embrionny fabrics or hormones in the structure after consultation with the dermatologist.
  7. Cosmetologists advise to select cosmetics of one line, for the purpose of increase in its efficiency and reduction of probability of emergence of allergic reactions.
  8. Choosing creams, carry out the shipping test. For this purpose apply a little cream on the site of skin if after several minutes there were unpleasant feelings – this means does not suit you, in several days there can also be allergic reaction.
  9. Selecting decorative cosmetics, test it indoors with the good level of lighting.
  10. Surely pay attention to expiration date of cosmetic and integrity of its packing. If cosmetics has unpleasant, pungent smell, its consistence and color has changed, it means that the goods are unsuitable for use.
  11. Buy cosmetics in specialized shops.

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