How to sell a baby second-hand carriage

How to sell a baby second-hand carriage

Your kid already grew up, and from him there were many things high quality, including, and a carriage. Of course, it is very a pity to throw out a carriage, to give there is nobody, and here to sell at low price quite appropriate. There are many ways to sell a carriage, the main thing, to bring a thing into an appropriate look. You should not doubt – the buyer surely will be.


1. The easiest and easy way to sell a second-hand carriage is a sale online. Before placing the announcement, it is necessary to remember, the more detailed it will be written, the it is more than chances of fast sale. It is necessary to describe color, the carriage in what state it, and do not forget to specify the producer was what is the time operated. It is better to supplement the detailed description with photos of a carriage in different foreshortenings. It is better to post the announcement on several websites at once.

2. The fastest way to get rid of a baby carriage – to sell to acquaintances or friends who expect replenishment in family. If there are no such friends, report about the forthcoming sale of a carriage as it is possible for the bigger number of acquaintances and do not forget to specify all pluses and possibilities of a baby carriage. This way of sale it is possible to call "gossip hotline". The message about sale will be carried on all acquaintances, and, perhaps, there will be buyers during the shortest period of time.

3. The following method of sale will involve small monetary costs – submission of the announcement in the newspaper. It is quite fast and effective way of sale of a baby carriage. The result will be obvious within a week. Do not forget to describe all characteristics and to leave the phone number or the address.

4. For certain in each city still there were commission shops. The price is established, as a rule, by the seller of shop. You leave a carriage in shop, and upon purchase of goods you will be called from commission shop and will invite to come for payment. However there are such commission shops which instantly make payment for goods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team