How to send the child to advertizing

How to send the child to advertizing

Modern children on an equal basis with adults are demanded in the advertizing industry. Advertizing agencies constantly are in search of new types, so, each child has a chance to become famous. But for this purpose parents should show persistence and patience


1. If the child still small, look for editions for parents who hold competitions of children's photos or look for model on a cover. Make good qualitative pictures and send to the magazine. If the child is pleasant to edition, he has an opportunity to appear on an edition cover. The more editions will receive pictures of your child, the it is more than chances that it will be noticed.

2. Show children of 3-5 years in the actor's agency. Now all agencies are interested in other actors and models as the industry of children's goods and services endures unprecedented growth now. The actor's agencies with pleasure acceptof children in the ranks. You only should make a good portfolio and to update it in process of growth of the child. When the advertizing agency looks for models, first of all watch bases of young actors. At the same time children of absolutely different types and age are necessary. Therefore, you do not need to worry that every year growing the child becomes less popular.

3. Do everything in order that the child was noticed. Try to get to a mass meeting for shooting of transfers of children's TV channel. The schedule of a casting for shooting always hangs on the websites of film studios. Send photos of the child to large advertizing agencies.

4. Send the child on classes to model school. Such schools will teach the child to work at a podium, will train in art of a fashion show, choreography, acting skills. Classes in ability to work for the camera are given. Before signing up in model school, take an interest with what fashion houses and advertizing agencies it works what joint projects were already implemented.

5. Be ready that visit of a casting and viewings takes away a lot of time and often does not bring desirable results. All casting is carried out to weekdays, invites children to them much and waiting time can take several hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team