How to send the child to kindergarten

How to send the child to kindergarten

Children quickly grow up, the maternity leave at mom comes to an end. There is a problem: on whom to leave the child. When there is no an opportunity to employ the nurse, and grandmothers and grandfathers owing to any circumstances cannot look after the kid, it is possible to think of kindergarten. If there is a choice, it is worth visiting several preschool institutions, to get acquainted with the manager and, of course, with the tutor.


1. The best period for accustoming of the child to collective is 2.5 — 3 years. But the main thing — individual readiness of the kid for changes. One child can be left without mom and independently play, and another cannot depart from mom for a minute. Therefore it is necessary to be guided on readiness of the kid to learn to live in collective.

2. At the first visit of child care facility it is necessary to study rules and a daily routine. To find out how many children will be in group. Till which time it will be necessary to take away the child home.

3. It is necessary to take care of training of the child for visit of kindergarten that accustoming took place as it is possible easier. To switch over gradually to the mode corresponding to the mode of child care facility. The child has to wake up at the same time, without haste to gather and arrive on time in kindergarten. The daytime sleep is obligatory. If the kid did not sleep in the afternoon, then for a start it is necessary to arrange short break, it is possible to read the book. Gradually the child will get used to lay down to have a rest in the afternoon and will begin to fall asleep.

4. It is in advance necessary to accustom the child to independence. He has to be able to put on and undress by means of adults. To use a spoon and a fork, to drink from a cup. To wash and wash hands with soap, to use a pot.

5. Psychological preparation is obligatory. It is possible to tell how well and cheerfully to spend time in kindergarten. Walking with mom at the playground, let learns to greet, get acquainted and communicate with children. The kid has to be able to exchange toys, to concede and not to be greedy. And also to manage to fight back the offender and the squabbler.

6. It is not necessary to leave inoculations, necessary on terms, for the period of adaptation. One more important task — strengthening of immunity. It is charging and massage, air bathtubs and damp rubdowns, walks in the fresh air under any weather conditions.

7. The first days in kindergarten the kid can remain at only several o'clock. Mom is obliged to keep a word and if promised, to take away the kid, say, till a lunch. That parting with mom was not so painful, she can agree, and some time to stay in a garden together with the child.

8. If the child begins to sob loudly in the morning, you should not take away at once it home. Mom needs to be sure and behave quietly. To explain that mom has to be at work, and it in kindergarten. Otherwise the child will understand soon how to achieve the.

9. In order that the child got used to new conditions about two months will leave. In it the period at him can be gone appetite, night sleep will be interrupted. Sometimes the kid forgets some skills already familiar to it. You should not worry because of it. Over time everything will get better by itself.

10. Parents need to support the child during the period, difficult for it. To be interested, how was your day in a garden and that occurred new. To care for the child and to love him.

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