How to send the child to the camp

How to send the child to the camp

Sports and educational the camp is a good view of organized rest for your children. The main thing in this case is to choose correctly the program of rest which will be pleasant to the child and will not be excessively expensive for his parents.


1. Learn whether you have the right for any privileges when obtaining permits to the campof for children. They can be provided to large and needy families. If you treat one of these categories, address to service of social protection of the population at the place of residence and learn whether permits are put to you. Also certain discounts can be provided to the staff of various organizations. You will be able to obtain more detailed information in labor union in the place of your work. Usually in the presence of privileges you will be limited in the choice of the camp and the program of rest, but at modest means it can become the only possibility of the organization of similar rest for children.

2. If no privileges to you are put, look for permits in the camp through various travel agencies. Be guided not only by the cost and conditions of accommodation, but also by the program offered children. There are the camp of sports orientation, linguistic, creative centers and also improving, organized by the principle of sanatoria.

3. Upon purchase of the permit learn that the child will need to take. Usually except the birth certificate the health certificate which can be received in policlinic is necessary. At a trip to the camp the direction of the pediatrician or narrow expert and also the medical record with the description of a course of a disease also can be necessary for improvement and treatment. The trip abroad will require execution of the international passport and also in certain cases and the health insurance if it is not included in the cost of the permit.

4. Track that the child packed all necessary things. Give him with yourself at least one set of warm clothes even if he goes to have a rest in the summer. Also it is necessary to supply it with at least two pairs of shoes, sports, casual and elegant clothes.

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