How to sew a children's jacket

How to sew a children's jacket

It can sew a jacket on the child quite even not to the really experienced seamstress. The only thing that will give you an inconvenience - it is fitting, not each child likes to put on and undress and also will not always tell as where he disturbs it.

It is required to you

  • Fabric for a jacket and a pad, sintepon, lightnings, velcros, sewing accessories.


1. Choose from what the children's jacket will be sewed. For this purpose it is possible to take old adult jacket of a bright coloring, and it is possible to buy also new fabric.

2. Decide on a jacket style - best of all select the simplest, without hood, but on a collar-stoyechkoy. If desired it is possible to sew also a collar, but it will be necessary to fasten it a simple velcro or on buttons - then it will not disturb the kid at all.

3. Take the necessary measurements for future product. It is simpler to make it, using the child's things. Decide on long sleeves, length and width of a product. Prepare a pattern and curves, serially finding each detail of a jacket.

4. Transfer a pattern to fabric, in the same way cut out lining fabric which has to be smooth and silky. If the jacket is intended for colder season, then it is necessary to find necessary details still from sintepon.

5. Connect all details of the top part of a jacket (shelves and a back), accurately to their sostrochita, also arrive and lined and sintepon. Then you sostrochit sleeves and process them and do not forget to insert an elastic band into cuffs.

6. Sew all parts of a jacket in such order: the main part, sintepon, later stitch sleeves and sew a lining to a jacket.

7. Sew a lightning and sew patchpockets. Through a damp rag iron all children's jacket. If you decided to sew a jacket with a hood, then also make a pattern and sew all parts of a hood. On a collar and a hood of a jacket it is possible to sew velcros - it is very convenient, it is possible to put on and remove a hood, without applying at the same time special work. Still the children's jacket can be decorated with various appliques or stripes, and also to sew fur on a collar, a hood or sleeves.

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