How to sew a children's shirt

How to sew a children's shirt

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Pleasantly not only to dress the child in beautiful and fashionable things, but also to create for the kid the hands designer clothes. It not only is fascinating, but also is rather economical. One of the most difficult stages in the course of tailoring of a children's shirt is creation of a pattern. There are several options of a cut, and tailoring is identical in all cases.

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1. Take an old children's shirt as a basis as a pattern. Unstitch it on seams and receive ready details on which it is possible to cut out new material. Process edges of the cut-out details of a new shirt overloky or other type of a line intended on processings of edge.

2. The second option. Find a shirt to the child on a ready pattern. You can use the ready curves, patterns presented in specialized magazines on a cut and sewing, and can make a pattern. Using any of these ways, do not forget to leave when cutting in a stock two centimeters on allowances when grinding a product. Cut out a product in the direction of share thread. Having cut out material, start tailoring.

3. Unbend an allowance for processing of a fastener for a wrong side of a shirt and sweep up. Prepare the found coquettes. On top of a shirt sweep up two soft folds. Sew coquettes to a shirt back a set-in seam. To the face of the lower coquette the face put shelves and sew. Turn in a cut of the top coquette and sew to the region.

4. Prepare collars with laying. Sew the top and lower collars, and a seam to a razutyuzhta. To the top collar tack laying, sew the top and lower details of a collar, cut off corners, turn out, smooth, and then an otstrochita.

5. Prepare a rack with laying. On the person of the top rack the face put the lower collar, and on the person of the top collar put the lower rack the face. Sweep away and sew, without finishing a rack below on width of an allowance for a seam.

6. On a wrong side of a shirt put the face the lower rack, combining the middle. Turn in free edge of the lower rack and sew to the region.

7. Process a bottom of sleeves. If the sleeve is sewed in the closed armhole, then its lower seam is sewed, and the humeral zone gathers for two machine lines. If the sleeve is sewed in an open armhole, then the side seam of a shirt and the lower seam of a sleeve are not sewed. The humeral zone of a sleeve is collected in two lines, combining the middle of a sleeve with the line of a shoulder, vymetyvat and sew a sleeve. Cuts process together, and then sew the lower seam of a sleeve and a side seam of a shirt. Make similarly on the other side of a shirt, sew product sides.

8. Stitch and cut through loops for buttons. Sew buttons. If desired you can decorate a product stickers, stripes or an embroidery. Iron products. The shirt is ready.

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