How to sew a children's vest

How to sew a children's vest

The vest represents irreplaceable attribute of any clothes, and children's including. By means of a children's vest it is possible to give completeness to a dress, and also to protect the child from cold. Most of children likes to carry this detail of clothes as well because it is very convenient and does not hold down the movement.

It is required to you

  • Fabric, strings of the corresponding color, scissors, slanting inlay, detachable snake ("lightning").


1. Before starting sewing of a vest for the child, make a choice: in combination with what and where will dress this detail of clothes. Universal option – cotton dense fabric or jersey (it is possible also any other). Create a pattern. For this purpose it is possible to use old nursery shirt which your child will not carry. The pattern can also be drawn independently or to buy the special magazine on sewing of children's things where patterns for children of different age are already created.

2. If you made a choice for an old unnecessary shirt, unstitch it, having left only shelves and a back. Cut off the necessary length then give to edges of shelves the semicircular form.

3. Accurately put fabric so that the wrong side appeared outside. Impose pattern details on fabric and enshrine details in such provision. For fixing use needles or pins.

4. Cut out vest details, having left at the same time on each side 4-5 cm (about 2 cm - on seams, and 2 cm - "stocks"; so the vest will not hold down the movement of the child). Manually or with use of the sewing machine sweep off edges of all details. Then sew humeral parts of shelves and a back. It is necessary to do it from inner side. Also – on a wrong side - sew side seams.

5. By means of the iron smooth all places of connections of details of a vest. For a covering of an armhole use a slanting inlay of color, contrast with the main fabric. Sheathe it all edges of a vest (begin and finish on the middle of a back). Sew a snake detachable or sew buttons on the one hand, sew laid on eyelets from an inlay.

6. Cut out patchpockets, sheathe them an inlay slanting and decorate with appliques, an embroidery or a fringe. If it is required, sew patchpockets. Depending on style of a vest, pockets can be from fabric of other color or in tone. The children's vest is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team