How to sew a dress on final in kindergarten

How to sew a dress on final in kindergarten

All girls are able to carry beautiful, as at the princess of a dress. They are ready to go to them every day. But here occasions happens, unfortunately, a little. Final in kindergarten - just that case when desire of your little princess has to be granted. Try to sew a dress. It is not difficult. Main thing, accuracy.


1. Cut out the top part of a dress (bodice). For this purpose take a children's t-shirt without sleeves by the size. Let's copy from it a form of a front and back part of a bodice. Determine bodice length - a waistline. For this purpose put a t-shirt on the child, tie a belt. Make a notch piece of chalk on a t-shirt on a waistline. It will be bodice length.

2. Begin to transfer t-shirt contours to paper. Fold a t-shirt lengthways in half. Attach it pins to graph paper or a tracing-paper. Circle a front part (shelf). It will consist of two symmetric halves. In the same way transfer to paper of the line of a back. Too two halves will turn out.

3. Transfer a pattern to fabric. Cut out a front part of a bodice continuous. Back will consist of two halves as in the middle it will be necessary to sew a lightning that it was convenient to put on a dress. Add on side seams 1 cm, on a bottom of 3 cm. Sweep away side seams of a front and back half. A back to the middle of a section. Take a lightning of 10 cm. Tack it to a back.

4. Try on a bodice on the child. Seams upward that it was possible to correct landing. Stitch seams. Sweep off a mouth and sleeves a slanting inlay. Stitch everything. The top is ready.

5. For a bottom take the main fabric and easier, transparent the same shade that the two-layer skirt turned out. Calculate width of each panel for a petticoat, having increased bodice width by 4. For a petticoat on 5. The skirt will be wider, the more magnificent the dress will turn out. Sew on side cuts of a half of an internal skirt. ""Pipe"" will turn out. Nasborite on a waistline so that its circle equaled bodice circles. Make the same with an external skirt.

6. Sew two skirts among themselves on a waistline. One has to turn out two-layer. Pristrochite seam, their to a bodice, inside. Process side seams of a dress and a bottom of skirts overloky or a zigzag.

7. Decorate a dress on a belt with a satin ribbon. It will be so possible to remove excess width in folds on a waist. Decorate a dress mouth with beads and rhinestones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team