How to sew a pack

How to sew a pack

Many parents whose children take dancing classes or the ballet participate in school statements, also clothes for classes face need of tailoring of scenic suits. It is the most difficult to make a pack – a special skirt for classes the ballet.

It is required to you

  • About 50 pieces in the form of a rectangle from tulle
  • Elastic band for clothes which length has to correspond to a formula: waist measurement – the 4-5th
  • Scissors


1. Of course, now there is a set of shops with various clothes, but the prices of similar things not the smallest. And if the child puts on it only once? In this case costs to make pack the hands. We offer one of possible options of production of a skirt pack without use of the sewing machine, threads and needles.

2. Connect two ends of an elastic band or sew a button on one end and make for it a loop.

3. Serially tie rectangular pieces of fabric on all length of an elastic band, evenly distribute.

4. It is possible to make not one, and several levels of a skirt, however in that case it is worth not to tying tulle, and to sew. Surely impose the top number of fabric so that it blocked joints lower, so the skirt will be puffy and accurate.

5. If necessary strongly starch fabric and give the necessary form to a product.

6. The option of a better and interesting skirt pack will demand from you patience and skill of sewing. Cut out a two-sutural flared skirt one third shorter than a final skirt.

7. Cut tulle or organza strips on 22, 18, 15, 10 cm in length and 15 cm width.

8. Pristrachivayte of a strip with an overlap, since the longest skirt from edge. It is a pack basis. Attention: the lower row needs to be sewn very exactly, all strips have to be one length

9. Cut out a skirt sun and sew to a basis from above. Sew a belt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team