How to sew a penguin suit

How to sew a penguin suit

On the earth the surprising bird – a penguin lives. He only cannot fly, is able to go on two pads and to float in water. The penguin suit can become an interesting and original suit for the child or the adult on any carnival, a holiday.

Necessary materials for a suit

It is possible to sew a dress all for couple of days, giving it till some hours a day. In the first day it is necessary to make a visit of drapery, needlework and to buy all necessary.

To sew a penguin suit, the following materials and tools are necessary:

- fabric of black and white color, 1-2 meters (depends on growth of the owner of a suit);

- fabric of yellow or orange color, 25-50 cm; - long lightning.

And also scissors, threads, chalk tailor's, centimetric tape and sewing machine. The suit of a penguin consists of black-and-white overalls, wings and a cap.


Cutting out of details of a suit happens as follows: The most convenient option to find overalls: it is necessary to take a t-shirt and trousers of the one to whom the suit intends. Having connected them up to a waist, to put on fabric of black color and to circle on a contour with chalk, to add 2 cm on allowances. It will be a back part of overalls. A front part will be white color with the lightning in the middle. Having folded fabric of white color double, to impose the ready pattern of black color too put down on it, to circle and add 2 cm on a first line, there will be a lightning. Wings will be black-and-white color too. Having measured length of hands, it is necessary to plan necessary width for fabrics and to cut out 2 parts of white and black colors. The pattern of a hat requires a ready cap. To impose and cut out two parts from black fabric. Without having forgotten 2 cm about an allowance. To cut out a triangle for a beak from orange fabric, a cuff for trouser-legs, 2 circles with a diameter of 3 cm of black color and 2 circles with a diameter of 4 cm of white color.

Process of sewing of a suit

At first it is necessary to sew a lightning on a front part of overalls, to connect to a back part. It is possible to process a cut of a mouth and armholes a black slanting inlay. To sew orange cuffs on each trouser-leg, to twist. Then it is necessary to connect black-and-white wings, to turn out and sew to overalls shoulders, the white party inside. The following step connect cap cuts, turn out and sew a beak and eyes. For a holiday it is necessary to prepare also white polo-neck, a butterfly a tie (or to make of a rag of black fabric: to cut out a rectangle of 10х7 cm, to pull together in the middle, to sew a black elastic band). It is possible to put on black accurate boots legs, or to make slips in the form of paws of a penguin of orange color. To cut out "paw" from orange fabric, to attach to it an elastic band, then to put on overlays for legs, over footwear. The unusual and beautiful suit of a penguin is ready to subdue public!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team