How to sew a reusable diaper

How to sew a reusable diaper

It can sew a reusable diaper even to the one who very indifferently is able to sew. Reusable diapers will help you to save the family budget and will stimulate the child, as soon as possible to report to parents about desire to descend on a pot.

It is required to you

  • - cut of jersey or fleece for outer side of a diaper and a cut of silk or lining fabric for inside
  • - sewing accessories
  • - elastic elastic band
  • - velcros


1. Make a pattern of paper on a disposable diaper of the suitable size.

2. Attach the paper drawing to fabric and circle a pattern with chalk or a piece of dry soap. You will find one external and one internal part of a diaper. Surely make allowances for seams on 1-1.5 cm from all directions, and on outer side of a front part make 1 more cm of an allowance from above beautifully to sostrochit a diaper.

3. Process edges of the found parts of a diaper or a zigzag on the sewing machine, or manually a blanket stitch.

4. Put together both details the faces inside. Sides which will surround legs child, a sostrochita together. Turn out a diaper the face outside and well iron lines.

5. Bend a diaper in half to define places of a vshivaniye of an elastic band. From the line of a bend of a diaper it is necessary to measure 12 cm if the size of the disposable diaper taken as an example No. 2, and 14 cm if the size of sample No. 4. At the measured distance draw the line parallel to the line of a bend of a diaper from one side to another. From the received point measure 1.5-2 cm and draw the line parallel to the line of a side edge. Draw just the same measurements and lines on the back party of a diaper. The line drawn along edge prostrachivatsya from two sides on the sewing machine. Between the line of a side bend and the made line the office for an elastic band turned out.

6. Insert elastic bands into side openings by means of a pin. Sew both ends of an elastic band to fabric in those places where the line for an elastic band vshivaniye begins. Sides of a diaper have to be made gathers a little.

7. Having sewed both elastic bands, turn out a diaper on inner side. Stitch the top part of a diaper from a back. Then, turn out a diaper on the face.

8. In the top part of front side of a diaper turn in twice to inner side the left reserve of front fabric. Stitch together the front and back parties. Sew velcros at the necessary level.

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