How to sew a toy of a hare

How to sew a toy of a hare

The soft toy hare very much will be pleasant to the child. He and wants to be stroked. In bright overalls the hare is very beautiful, pads and ears in tone to a hare dress. Such toy will become a good gift for birthday of the boy or girl if to choose blue or pink color for execution of overalls of a hare.

It is required to you

  • - shaggy fabric of golden-yellow color;
  • - fleece of pink/blue color;
  • - sintepon;
  • - large granulate;
  • - two eyes of Ø of 8 mm;
  • - thread of embroidery floss of black color;
  • - threads for sewing;
  • - paper for a pattern;
  • - thin wire;
  • - pincers.


1. Cut out toy details, having increased by 200% the given details a pattern. Put tselnokroyeny shaggy fabric details of the head the faces and stitch together together from a nose to a neck. Inside the face between two whole details sew a median part of the head.

2. For production of an internal part of ears use fleece, for external - shaggy fabric. Sew, having put the faces, leave not sewn up bottom edges. Insert a wire directly into ears that it was possible to give them any form. In the middle of each ear lay a machine line, sewing both parties together.

3. Put the lower halves of legs (boots) which are cut out from shaggy fabric the faces and sew in front in the middle. Sew soles from fleece. Twist a leg. Put the parts of hands made of shaggy fabric and sew on length, having left not sewn up bottom edges. Then turn out.

4. Before from fleece put parts and stitch together from a tag "1" to a tag "2". Sew back half of legs, having put the faces to a back, having combined tags "3". Before put with a back front and sew areas with tags "4", "5", "6". Stitch together legs on inside. Having processed edges of hands and having sprained them, hem.

5. Fill sintepon the head, hands and sew. Fill the lower parts of legs, sew them to a bottom of trousers which, in turn, need to be made gathers. Fill a trunk with sintepon, and legs – granulate. Enclose hands with the sewn head in trunk armholes. Prisoberite the upper edge of overalls, sprain it and sew the head. Sew in hand trunk armholes.

6. On edge of a circle start up a thread, on it you prisoberit a tail. Fill it sintepon and tighten. Sew a tail. Ears implant deep into the heads on 1 cm and sew.

7. Note a pin arrangement of eyes. Stretch strong thread through an ear of an eye and clamp it pincers. Insert the ends of thread into a needle and puncture the place noted by a pin. In the same way fix the second eye. Make nodes on all ends of threads.

8. Embroider with thread of embroidery floss a nose. From the fleece chosen in tone to overalls, ears and feet of a hare sew a kerchief and tie it around a neck of a hare.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team