How to sew clothes for a Barbie doll

How to sew clothes for a Barbie doll

Sewing of dolls and clothes for them – very laborious, but fascinating work. Barbie dolls whose body is as close as possible to human, help to fulfill the most courageous dreams, let in such tiny option. It can seize sewing art to any needlewoman.


1. Residues of any fabrics, furs, skin, clothes of children which to them became small can be material for doll clothes. It is also possible to use samples which many firms release in catalogs. Exclusive cuts of fabrics in the quantity sufficient for one dress or a fur coat are quite so got. For Barbie clothes cotton, wool, linen, thin jersey, lace and silk are considered as the best fabrics. Before cutting, fabric needs to be washed and stroked. dressesdollsBeads, bugles, thin satin ribbons will be ideal for finishing of ball, evening .

2. The main sizes of a figure of a Barbie doll (they can vary in the designated limits): Growth – 29 cm; Chest (Og) – 13-14 cm; Width over a breast (Sg1) – 6.5 cm; Width up to a breast (Sg2) – 7.5-8 cm; A waist Grasp (From) – 8 cm; The Grasp of hips (About) – 12.5-13 cm; Leg Length from the inside to an ankle of 13-13.5 cm; Hand Length on outer side of 8-9 cm; Length from a neck to a waist (AT) of 6-6.5 cm;

3. For creation of a pattern it is possible to use both special editions for dolls, and usual patterns "for adults". At the same time it will be necessary to adjust a pattern to the Barbie parameters only. On Internet resources it is possible to find many patterns created by makers and also special programs. Choose at first a simple pattern with a minimum of details. It is necessary to find chalk or a thin marker.

4. The main problem which face when sewing clothes for Barbie is sewing together of fine details and also stitching of sleeves in an armhole. It is better to do it manually not on the machine. At first combine a sleeve and an armhole, fix it in four points which will not allow a sleeve to be displaced. Only after that sew a sleeve to an armhole round. It is easy to process edges of sleeves, a hem of a dress and all open cuts by means of a ready slanting inlay or a tape: the edge of a cut is bent, imposed a tape and stitched.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team