How to sew the developing book

How to sew the developing book

Today it is possible to find various developing toys for kids in shops. But not all parents accept their price or quality. It appears, at the minimum skills of needlework it is possible to make independently remarkable developing book which not only will teach much yours the baby, but also will become a symbol of your parental love and, perhaps, will devolve to future grandchildren!

It is required to you

  • The bright plastic folder on rings; fabrics of various invoice and coloring, including felt and fleece; thermoappliques; sintepon and interlining; the rustling materials (for example, plastic bags or wrappers from candies); velcros and elastic bands, laces and color lightnings; buttons, beads and beads; cardboard and color paper; threads, needles, sewing machine, glue.


1. Getting to work, think over the sketch of future book. Try to represent conceived on paper at least schematically, in general. Decide what the book will be the size. It is possible to think up such design that pages freely were taken out and invested new. The small plastic folder of bright color on rings which can be got in office supply store will be suitable for this purpose.

2. That the book could be sorted and added new pages, on each leaf it is necessary to sew loops. It is possible to make, on the contrary, in pages openings.

3. For giving of additional volume enclose a sintepon layer in pages. If the cover of your book is supposed to be sewed from fabric, strengthen it cardboard tabs.

4. Small details of the plots of book pages which are thought up by you glue with interlining and a pristrochita to a background a line "zigzag". The detail has more to cut out enough from fabric and to sew.

5. For production of mobile elements fill the detail glued with interlining, a pristrochita to a fabric rag with sintepon, accurately cut out on a contour and attach on a velcro. It is so possible to make a page with the moving figures (stars in the sky, the sun and cloudlets, figures and letters, apples and mushrooms on a back at a hedgehog, etc.). Similar figures can be made also of not showered materials, such as fleece or felt.

6. Make the page with multi-colored geometrical figures. Sew the rustling elements to some pages or enclose cellophane in sheets. This reception, undoubtedly, will draw attention curious remains. The kid for certain will like also various hidden figures, for example, a bug under a leaflet or a hare behind a lodge door.

7. For development of fine motor skills provide a page lacing. Attach the picture of a boot with holes throughout which it is possible to pass a lace. The page with the lightning sewed on it will teach the kid to use it. Elements from fabrics with the different invoice and various sewed buttons and beads will help the kid to get acquainted with the sizes and flowers, will develop attentiveness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team