How to sew the developing rug for children

How to sew the developing rug for children

The developing rugs which can both be bought and to sew with own hand, perform a set of functions – develop fine motor skills, tactile and touch feelings, esthetic taste and imagination at children, allow to get acquainted with the world around.

It is required to you

  • - cotton fabric or fleece
  • - sintepon
  • - buttons and beads of the different sizes, velcros, laces, lightnings, elastic bands
  • - sewing accessories


1. Think over the size of future rug and its form which can be not only geometrical, but also represent, for example, any animal. Think over that on it will be located, and draw the sketch.

2. Pick up materials from which you plan to sew developing a rug for children. So, the lower part of a rug can be made of cotton fabric, top – of thin fleece, and for stuffing it is desirable to use sintepon.

3. Pick up accessories – it can be multi-colored buttons and beads of the different sizes, velcros, laces, lightnings, elastic bands.

4. Make patterns of all fine details of a rug: they can represent a complete plot (for example, it can be the nature, the city or seasons), or it the details which are not connected among themselves can be simple.

5. To sew the developing rug for children in which would be as a bigger variety of games is possible, strong sew some developing elements to a basis, for fixing of others it is possible to sew velcros and buttons, it is possible to sew an elastic band to the third.

6. From rags of different fabrics sew pockets of the different sizes to a rug. For example, it is possible to sew pockets in the form of cars of the train or a body of the truck. For development of fine motor skills do these pockets with different types of fasteners – lacing up, on velcros, on a lightning, on buttons.

7. If you want that playing with a rug, the child could study the alphabet and figures, sew the "blackboard" found from a carpet in one of corners, and make letters and figures on velcros which could be unhooked and moved, combining them in numbers and in words.

8. Decorate a rug additional elements, for example, it can be appliques, the soft, ringing or rustling toys, knitted a hook flowers and berries, rattles, flat boxes.

9. Connect and stitch the top and lower part of the developing rug, having laid between them sintepon.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team