How to sew to the child a dress

How to sew to the child a dress

The dress for the little girl is an important subject of clothes which allows the girl to differ from boys and also gives both to mom, and the child broad lands for imagination. By means of a beautiful and elegant dress the girl can try on on herself various roles, and especially relevant tailoring of an elegant dress becomes when holidays approach, and the comfortable, practical and original dress is necessary for the child. You can sew for the girl a spacious and beautiful elegant dress on the basis of the round coquette, and further use a similar pattern for tailoring not only festive, but also daily dresses.


1. The pattern dressesof for the girl is very simple – such dress consists of the round coquette playing a role of the top part of a dress and also, a front and back half of a dress. Both half it is possibleof to make wide and flared, without forgetting about small armholes. The wider you will make a dress hem, the assembly of fabric under the coquette will be more beautiful.

2. Make of fabric with a pad and the strengthening gluing the round coquette, and then take a wide hem and at first from a lobby, and then at a back part process armholes. To sew a hem to the coquette, do not sew completely front and back part of the coquette.

3. Between front and inner side of the coquette place the upper edge of a hem at which you already made pleating by means of a pad for assembly, and then stitch the coquette together with a hem.

4. The same make with the second half of the coquette – a pristrochita to it a back part of a dress, having made gathers the upper edge and having placed it between the front and back parties of fabric.

5. Sewing a hem to the coquette, you watch that both parties were sewn symmetrically. For this purpose you can mark the coquette from a wrong side a tailor's piece of chalk, having planned the middle and sides. Zastrochite the coquette with a hem repeatedly.

6. After that sew side seams of a dress – from bottom edge of a hem to an armhole. Decorate a dress hem with flounces and frills, sew on it appliques, beads, a beautiful embroidery – and the elegant dress will long please the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team