How to show love for the child

How to show love for the child

Children wait from us for manifestation of love. Love which protects, love which forgives and accepts you any. But often parents constrain the emotions, being afraid that expression of feelings will make them more vulnerable that children will use this weakness and to organize disobedience celebrations. But time flies so quickly, children will grow up soon and to express the love there will be already nobody already nobody. Do not lose precious days, present the unconditional love to the child already today.


1. Often parents do not know how to express the love. And the child receives a storm of emotions only if was guilty. But even in this case, all parental anger has to be directed to the child with the good purposes. It is not necessary to reprimand and shout. All words have to be filled with sense that parents very much love you and worry about you. At this moment you have to look at the child at the level of eyes if it is necessary, having sat down on hunkers. It is possible to transmit all scale of emotions through a look, but it is necessary to transfer only the love in our case. A look – one of the very first ways to show to the child the love.

2. Make an experiment. Count how many times a day you touch the child with manifestation of caress, but not as necessary (you dress, you bathe), how many times you embrace and you kiss. Often adults hesitate to show the feelings through physical contact, especially with the adult child. Pediatricians proved long ago that daily embraces and caress of parents are necessary for it for normal physical and intellectual development of the baby. Every year growing of the child of such caress we show less and less. The physical contact well affects children, and got naughty calms. If it is difficult to you to show such feelings, begin with a daily kiss for the night.

3. Children wait from us for attention, and in exchange receive the TV, the computer and PSP. Parents think that the civilization benefits - a great way to show love to the child and to find to it occupation. And they actually wait for our personal attention, and a lot of money and time for this purpose is not necessary. Get an all-family hobby, during week-end on skis, for example. Such sorties will give to the child the chance to feel that parents belong to it and it today - the center of the Universe. In it there is nothing badly. Parental love and support make us successful and strong already in adulthood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team