How to show respect for the child

How to show respect for the child

Children can feel is restrained and it is uncomfortable near strong, all-knowing adults. That your child felt as the full member of family and understood own importance, show that you respect his personality.


1. Keep the promises made to the child. Otherwise children feel that parents neglect them, and in necessary the moment just are capable to wave away from the words. That in the future there were no disappointments, do not promise what are not sure for 100 percent of, or do reservations in case of bad weather, an indisposition and unforeseen circumstances.

2. Be honest with the child. It is not necessary to lie to him or to lie to someone to another in the presence of your son or the daughter. Believe, children well feel falseness, and of course, they are not pleased by the moments when parents are capable to deceive them easily.

3. Believe in the child, admire his talents, support his initiatives. It is not necessary to belittle the kid and to respond to his enthusiasm and dreams skeptically and indulgently.

4. Leave a habit to reprimand the child. Especially it concerns sons. They are already little men and hate long and tiresome morals. It is rather simple to point to a mistake, to prompt as to correct it and to prevent in the future. It is not necessary to moralize at the same time.

5. Do not laugh at the child, his mistakes and misses. Happens that the words of the kid seem to parents very amusing, they begin to laugh loudly and call grandmothers to transfer the incident. And to the child it is not ridiculous at all, he did not joke and did not try to make laugh mom and dad. In that case can seem to the kid that he is not understood and do not respect that there is with him something is not right.

6. Surely answer questions of the child. Even if he for the 100-th time asks the same, do not ignore it. You do not act this way with the friends, colleagues, the administration or clients. And the child needs to pay tribute too.

7. You do not nullify fears of the child and do not deny his feeling. For example, for the kid it is a pity that his toy broke. He cries, and mom says that there is no reason for tears at all and there is nothing to be upset so because of nonsense. That is she underestimates values of the child and denies his emotions. The same with fears. Parents sometimes not absolutely correctly try to save from them children. It is necessary to accept all emotions of the child. He has the right to them, and its feelings are noteworthy also respect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team