How to sign the contract for childbirth

How to sign the contract for childbirth

The contract for childbirth is the contract between the pregnant woman and insurance company. Consists in a type of the policy of the voluntary health insurance (VHI) and grants the right to give birth in paid department of the designated maternity hospital.


1. From childbirth in free office of maternity hospital the childbirth under the contract differs in more comfortable conditions, and from the personal arrangement with the doctor - a guarantee of all services stated in the contract. That is if some of conditions are broken or executed not in full, you have the right to demand the money through court.

2. Sign the contract by 36th week of pregnancy. For this purpose at first choose the maternity hospital suitable you. Carry out the choice of maternity hospital taking into account features of a course of your pregnancy. There are maternity hospitals which are the centers for rendering obstetric care at any given pathology of pregnancy. Besides specifics of maternity hospital, pay attention to the recommendations of friends, to responses in the press and at forums of young mothers.

3. After the choice of maternity hospital address insurance company which cooperates with it. The insurance agent will ask you to fill out the questionnaire and will help to choose to you an optimal variant taking into account your requirements. Do not forget to specify the anesthesia method chosen by you in labor.

4. Before signing the contract, study the license of medical insurance company for the right to be engaged in health insurance and also the contract of this organization with maternity hospital which you chose. Check period of validity of this contract - suddenly it expires in a week, and your childbirth is planned in a month.

5. After payment you receive the policy of VHI on the basis of which you are hospitalized in the maternity hospital chosen by you. The contract for childbirth grants the right to choose the doctor who will observe you before childbirth, and in a consequence – to deliver at you. According to the contract, after the delivery you are obliged to place in separate chamber.

6. According to the contract, you will be observed a month more after the delivery in the medical institution chosen by you. It means that if within a month after the delivery you had a need for consultation of the obstetrician-gynecologist, you can receive it. The insurance company is obliged to refund the expenses connected with postnatal complications.

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