How to sign up the child in school of early development

How to sign up the child in school of early development

It is possible to be engaged in development of the child not only house. Now there is a huge number of schools of early development of children, training centers and so forth. To provide good educational process to the child, you need to study specifics of the developing center personally.

Will help to find school of early development in your city to you media and the Internet. When choosing institution for your child it is necessary to consider several factors. First – territorial arrangement. It is much more convenient if school of development it is not far from your house.

Also trust in responses, listen positive and negative, whenever possible try to check them. At the first visit not to give just like that the money, study the program of training and the teacher who will give classes. You have the right to choose form of work – individual work of the teacher about yours the child or collective classes. You proceed from features of your son or daughter if he is capable to be engaged in group – safely write down him on classes with other children.

Studying the program of training which to you is obliged to provide, ask the questions interesting you. If something confuses you – specify.

At will attend several classes and draw the corresponding conclusions. Bring the child on trial occupation (if such service is possible in the center), learn – what was pleasant to it and that is not present. Listen to this opinion. It is important to know – whether he feels comfortable in collective, in the unknown building whether the teacher is pleasant to it and than. At signing up in school of development the minimum documents can demand from you, generally it is the passport and the birth certificate of the child. Also can ask the reference from children's policlinic (everything depends on the center). By drawing up the contract pay attention to obligations of the parties and also the system of payment. There are cases when payment can change sharply eventually. In this case have to provide you the repeated contract for signing. You have the right to refuse and not to bring the child on classes any more.

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