How to sing with the child of a song

How to sing with the child of a song

Any joint activity brings together parents and children, and creative classes also cultivate sense of beauty, help to develop any given abilities. Singing is a great way to develop ear for music, feeling of a rhythm at the child and to train speech breath.

It is required to you

  • - toys;
  • - candles;
  • - tapes or woolen threads;
  • - sack.


1. Sing, performing housework. It is easiest way to interest the kid in singing. All children imitate adults, and sooner or later the child will try to sing along with you.

2. Be patient. Usually at the age of 2-3 years children are capable to reproduce purely only a melody fragment from 5-6 sounds. It is important not to criticize the child. He acts on a limit of the opportunities. Statements: "open a mouth more widely", "incorrectly you sing", "do not low" can lead to what the child in general will cease to sing or will not do it at your presence.

3. Turn singing into a game. At children aged from 2 up to 5 years the singing skills can be developed by means of simple musical games. You will choose a cheerful children's song which is pleasant also to you, and the child. Execute it and actively move, representing song events. You can illustrate the actions by means of various objects. It will help the child to remember the text better. It will be good if it joins in a game, at first repeating after you movements, and then and words.

4. Help the child to hear yourself. If the child sings very quietly or loudly pronounces only separate words, it is necessary to work over speech breath. Curtail paper a tubule and give it to the child. Let him sing in this improvised loud-hailer. The sound can be seen in fluctuation of a flame of a candle or to feel, having put a palm before a mouth.

5. Work over vowels. Often children do not sing the song, and just pronounce words. Take several ribbons or woolen threads, put them in a sack. Extend tapes on one, lingeringly saying vowels.

6. If the child does not get to the amount of sounding, it is possible to play with it a game "Report". Take a small toy and give it to the child, having sung a separate sound or a short word. The kid has to return you a bagatelle, repeating a sound. This game can be complicated, using not separate words, but lines and even couplets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team