How to socialize the small child

How to socialize the small child

The person is inseparable from society. Practically since the birth it acquires norms of society and examples of behavior, learns to interact with other people, to build the relations. Socialization of the small child should pay the enhanced attention, especially – if he badly joins children's collective.

Socialization at early age

Since childhood and up to 3 years the child generally needs only mom and other family members, but already at this time he needs to begin to be prepared for entry into society. Acquaint the kid with age-mates on walks, invite familiar mothers with children on a visit.

Remarkably, if by 2 years your child has his first company, for example, consisting of kids of one yard. Playing, kids gain the first skills of communication. Naturally, first will not do without the conflicts, but only communicating, children can develop in themselves such qualities as keenness, attentiveness, responsiveness.

After 3 years the child needs to visit children's collective regularly. Even if you have an opportunity not to drive the child in kindergarten, and at it there are a lot of brothers and sisters, do not deprive of the kid of communication with peers. In family of the relation between relatives already developed and rather stable. The small child always is for roles weak and sponsored. If with such installations he comes to school, he very quickly will have problems with more active and spiteful schoolmates. Besides, the "house" child with high probability will remain for roles conducted and will never be able to become the leader. Encourage friendship of the kid with children from his group. Invite them on a visit and organize to children joint leisure: molding, drawing, games and competitions. You teach the child to act in a house part of the host – let he will feel the responsibility for comfort of guests.

How to socialize the younger school student

Communication at school is important not less, than study. At good socialization the child at school age has a great number of friends and 1-2 good friends. Give to the son or the daughter an opportunity to communicate with friends after hours. To rally a class, from time to time parents need suit campaigns for children. While the children play outdoors, parents can get acquainted and observe the children. If at your child it is impossible to find friends, try to help him. Children are well brought together by the general hobbies. Advise the child to register in section or a circle, to begin to collect an interesting collection which exhibits can exchange with schoolmates. Growth of popularity of the child in a class is promoted also by something interesting, inaccessible to other children. If your child is able to play remarkably checkers or chess, to dance, fluently all this will cause to speak in a foreign language – respect of schoolmates and will attract to it friends.

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