How to solve shifting riddles

How to solve shifting riddles

Shifting riddles are interesting to both small children, and teenagers, and even by the adult. It is possible to play them on the way, on children's holidays and youth parties. The main thing that this intellectual game trains logical and creative thinking; promotes expansion of an outlook, enrichment of a lexicon; promotes formation of literacy of the letter and speech and also sense of humour.

For preschool children

Small children since small years can already solve the following folklore shifting riddles:

Wool was winded by us in motokvyydt a silk scarf.

Answer, whether the truth? Or: Because of the wood, because of the uncle Egor goredt. It on gray on the cart, On creaking on a horse; Toporishchem is girded,

The belt outdid. It is necessary to read the rhyme and to ask the child what here is a shifting tale.

For preschool children and younger school students

Further there are following two types of the most interesting game "Shifting Riddles". Children are recommended to play the first approximately from six-year age. The main condition that the child was already able to read. A game means guessing of a word which is hidden in another. That is, if to rearrange letters, then other word will turn out. For example, word "pendant". If desired it is possible to make of its letters "clown". The child should allow to read a word and to suggest it to make another, designating the person who makes laugh all in circus.

Addition or replacement of letters in various words will become other kind of this game. For example, if in a noun "singer" to replace in one letter, then vegetable under the name "pepper" will turn out. Or to add the letter "l" to "dream", there will be "elephant". In the same way it is possible to remove letters a word. And "fly" will turn into tasty soup from fish under the name "fish soup". And "memory" will turn back figure "five". Over time, when tasks at the child will turn out already without effort, the task can be complicated, suggesting the kid to replace two letters. The school student of elementary grades who is familiar with rules of spelling of words will already be able to cope with this task. Let's assume, the word "password". It is necessary to ask the school student to turn this word into the regal person. In this case the pupil should make more efforts to remember through what letter the word "king" is written.

For younger school students and pupils of high school

For children is more senior which already got used to similar riddles, it is already possible to think out tasks more difficult. It is just the second type of a game which it is much more cheerful to play teams, competing among themselves on the number of points. Now it is recommended to overturn the meaning of simple proverbs, sayings, titles of telecasts, fairy tales. For example, the well-known fairy tale "Kolobok" can be encrypted as "Cube". Who would think that "The mouse in sandals" is the coded "Puss in Boots"? The known saying "Fear takes molehills for mountains" hardly is found in a phrase "From Courage the Nape Is Small".

For pupils of high and high school

Teenagers also play with pleasure in shifting riddles. Especially if to encrypt the titles of the famous books. By simple verbal manipulations the title of the book "Crime and punishment " is wrapped in the name "Law and Encouragement". And "Gone with the Wind" - it is simple "beaten by a calm". A game of teenagers can be complicated that teams tried to encrypt for each other the first lines of the famous poems, songs, etc.

Advice to parents

Experts revealed the following problems at games in shifting riddles with children of different age: inattentive hearing of the text, bad storing of contents, partial misunderstanding of sense, incomplete solving of a riddle. To avoid these difficulties, parents are recommended to think out together with the child shifting riddles, explaining him the main algorithm of actions: to compose contrast to each word. For example, the riddle "100 clothes and all without fasteners" is literally replaced with a phrase "One Obuvka, and That on Buttons". A game in shifting riddles is good the fact that it practically never bothers as in it it is possible to show the imagination and wit fully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team