How to solve the conflicts at children

How to solve the conflicts at children

Children often have conflicts among themselves, especially it concerns big families. But to help come into contact between them only parents can. The best way of the solution of such situation is to switch children during the dispute to game activity.

Parents often comes up against a situation when there are children's conflicts, whether it be problems between children of one family or friends. Anyway it is necessary to look for options for fast settlement of a quarrel.

Rules of conduct of the adult

It is sometimes better to abstain from intervention in a quarrel between children as they need to learn to cope with similar situations independently. But if development of the conflict threatens with developing of mental or physical injuries at the child, then the adult cannot stand aside.

Usually it happens when strength of debaters are not equal. Parents need to calm children and to advise to solve a problem peacefully. Never you take the part of one of quarreling at once even if you are sure of his correctness. First of all it is necessary to listen to both parties, it is possible to miss something, otherwise one will be sure of permissiveness, the second – of injustice of adults. It is necessary to try not to imitate investigative actions and judicial proceedings, accusing and punishing. Let both children be responsible, try to prompt only to them the best way out from a situation. If to wrap up everything for fun, the conflict can be exhausted. Asking children on the causes of conflict, focus attention on that they described words and each other acts without insults. If the quarrel arose between brothers or sisters, it is necessary to settle a situation so that nobody was offended by you and did not consider that you do not love it. Emphasize that they are expensive to you, and their conflicts very much upset you. Even at inevitability of punishment tell the child that it does not bring you pleasure, but he has to understand that this way it is impossible to act.

Game tasks for repayment of conflict situations

Often, it is better to issue settling of the conflict in the form of a game. For example, it is possible to haul up children on "the world carpet" and to allow them to splash out the negative on the relation to each other. You can also suggest children to express the emotional state by means of gestures or "obzyvalok" from flora, and can even ask to tell about a quarrel from the point of view of the opponent, leading the narration from his face. One more option is to give the chance to describe the indignation on paper as much as possible emotionally and angrily, using all imagination. In attempt of children to complain, interrupting each other, set him a condition that you will listen to them if they put on this subject a performance, the ballet or a concert.

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