How to speak with children about art

How to speak with children about art

Before beginning a conversation with the kid about art think that you know about it. Begin to study the history of painting, music, cinema and other arts. You go to exhibitions, to premieres of movies, to concerts. Then the aspiration to acquaint the child with art will be supported with own experience and impressions, and it is already a half put.

It is required to you

  • - grants on art;
  • - visit of libraries;
  • - Internet.


1. Get an album with reproductions of cloths of the famous masters. Consult with the seller in shop what of albums will be suitable for collaboration with the child. Before beginning a conversation about art with the kid, turn over an album. Allocate the most interesting and the works suitable in your opinion. Make bookmarks. Write out names of pictures and artists whose names you noted for yourself. If the bought book - just and any additional information does not contain an album, collect information independently. For this purpose you can go to library or look on the Internet.

2. Begin classes. You allocate for conversations about art with the child several hours a week. Let for it there will be habitual a communication with you on art. Why it is simpler and more correct to begin with painting? Because from all art forms it, perhaps, will be clear to the kid most of all. On the experience he, for certain, already managed to get acquainted with the fact that such drawing. Therefore it will be simpler to get into the mysteries of art of drawing to it, than to study music, literature or cinema.

3. Begin occupation with acquaintance with a picture. Open a reproduction before the kid. You ask it to look at a picture attentively. Discuss with it what he sees. Notice what the first he will pay attention in a picture to. Then ask what in it is represented. Here surprises can wait for you. Concerning a picture plot the child can put forward the most unusual versions. It is difficult to it to catch history which is represented in a picture therefore he most likely, will begin to list the separate represented objects. Your task is to confirm its observation. "In a picture all objects which you listed are really represented, but let's understand about what this picture?" You teach it to see integrity, but not separate components of a cloth.

4. You pass to discussion of ways which the artist embodied the plan. It is better to speak, without using special terms. You can call them, but do not demand it from the child. Your task not to grow up the art critic for several classes, and to impart to the kid desire to address art and to provoke emotional experience from a cloth. Ask the kid why the artist used such colors for this picture. If you consider a landscape, give to the child the chance to argue why the sky, water, leaves of such shades? Of course, there is more or less harmonious art criticism concept about it, but your task is to force the child to reflect, concentrate, peer at a picture, but not to issue the exact answer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team