How to spend a holiday in kindergarten

How to spend a holiday in kindergarten

The holidays spent in kindergarten cause positive emotions of participants in all of them: children, parents and tutors. In order that such holiday took place according to the screenwriter's plan, it is necessary to be prepared for it carefully.


1. Find scenario holiday. The best source of such scenarios - the Doshkolnoye Vospitaniye magazine. It is difficult to buy it, but it is in many libraries, including, perhaps, and in library of kindergarten which employee you are. Trust scenarios from the Internet with care as some of them can impart to children bad art taste. The scenario has to correspond not only subject of a holiday, but also I will increase the children participating in it.

2. In advance prepare all scenery. Involve children in production of those from them which they are able to make.

3. If the holiday assumes active participation in it of children, beforehand hold the necessary number of rehearsals. Especially it is important in case children have to play musical instruments. Do not tell, however, children those details of a holiday which, according to the scenario, have to become for them a surprise. Should not pump up during the holiday also adults who need to learn the part of the scenario also carefully.

4. A day before a holiday place indoors where it will be carried out, all necessary in advance. If any equipment works at the same time, in advance adjust it and make sure that it functions as has to. Pay special attention to safety. Completely exclude a possibility of touch of children to the bared wires, their spotykaniye about cables, touches to the sharp or warmed objects (for example, to lamps), etc. To a fir-tree carry out a power cord of a garland from a ceiling, but not a floor, and make sure that the garland is completely serviceable. Have no scenery from combustible materials near sources of light and heat. Do not put masks, suits from flammable materials on participants, especially, of children.

5. Turn on all equipment to an entrance of children to the hall. Let by that moment when they enter there, in it will already burn a searchlight and to sound music. Also at the hall without fail there have to be health workers in case any given trauma nevertheless will be got by someone.

6. Start holding an action.

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