How to spend leisure-time with the child

How to spend leisure-time with the child

During the summer period when children on vacation, sharply there is a question of the organization of their leisure. How to organize it so that it was pleasant also to you and children? Here several options of fine joint rest.


1. Parks and reservoirs. The simplest option of the organization of leisure on "every day" is an exit from the habitual yard and the area to the park. It is fine if the park is with a reservoir. Children very much love water. In the park with the child it is possible to watch plants, maybe, even to plant an own tree and to look after him. To collect leaves of trees for a herbarium or just to gather a big bouquet of wild flowers. Also you can offer the child of interaction with animals – your own if in the park it is allowed to walk with them or, for example, with the ducks swimming in reservoirs. It is possible to tell the child about them, to interest, and later even to present him the book about them, accustoming not only to care of dumb animals, but also to reading. Dangers: children at open reservoirs require constant attention so you will not manage to relax, all the time it is necessary to be on the alert. Besides, despite assurances of epidemiological services that park zones are processed on return home nevertheless examine the child regarding a sting of a tick.

2. Sea and beach. It is possible to go to the beach in the hot summer afternoon. Do not forget toys, molds, buckets and scoops. Everything that can be useful to construct the whole surprising sandy lock. It will help to develop spatial imagination and motility of fingers at the child. Teach the child to swim, it not only will strengthen his muscles, to make vigorous, but also will enhance immunity. Perhaps, the child so will like this occupation that in winter time he will do swimming in the pool, fighting against the scoliotic bearing observed practically at vast majority of children. Dangers: children have a little other temperature condition, than at adults. Do not leave the child in the sun without headdress. Process leather the lotions protecting from burns, and you watch the child during bathing.

3. Campaign. The inexpensive option for those who possess free time and the necessary equipment – to descend in a campaign in the suburbs. For children it will be the real adventure full of secrets and dangers. And if you also invent some story with the treasure map, it will be very bright reminiscence for the rest of life. Children very much like to build small lodges and tents, to put tents, to cook food on a fire. Be not too lazy, arrange the real adventure for the child. Dangers: going to the nature, provide all necessary. Surely take a repellent from mosquitoes, pieces of chalk from pincers. Do not trust children to do independently dangerous things – to cut firewood or to gather water from the river, to make a fire control process.

4. Trip abroad. If you are able to afford to have a rest all family abroad, do not miss the chance. It is a fine opportunity not only to enjoy rest by the sea far from all problems and cares, to completely devote time each other, but also to see the new countries, to visit excursions, to popraktikovat a foreign language. Such rest will be useful both to children, and adults. Spend more time with children, time and your love – the most valuable that you can give them!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team