How to spend time with children that it remembered the childhood

How to spend time with children that it remembered the childhood

Children - flowers of life. They so quickly grow that we sometimes do not manage to spend with them enough time that then was what to remember. There are several ideas how to spend time with children that they remembered these moments well.

For example:

  • To start up together soap bubbles and to burst them. It is possible to make solution on glycerin soap and to start up huge giant bubbles.
  • To jump to a vsmesta on jump ropes. 
  • To make a kite and to start it in windy day.
  • In the winter together with the child to roll down from an ice slope. To play snowballs, to ride the sledge.
  • To start up a stone ""frog"" on water.
  • To go fishing together.
  • To look at the star sky and to make wishes.
  • To jump through waves.
  • To make burned sugar in a spoon.
  • To cut out snowflakes and to paste on a window.
  • To catch soap bubbles woolen gloves.
  • To arrange fight with pillows. To blow in dandelions.
  • To connect garlands from autumn leaves.
  • To show a shadow play performance.
  • To arrange a halabuda in a box from the fridge.
  • To spin wreaths from flowers or fallen leaves.
  • To allow the child to do you hair.
  • To make ""secrets"" under a fragment of glass.
  • To cope ships from paper, to lower on water and to observe whose will departure further.
  • To do a volcanic eruption of citric acid and soda.
  • To observe how the sun rises and sets.
  • To make identical jewelry of shells.
  • To show a focus-pokus with the electrified paper figures.
  • To play sea battle.
  • To let sunbeams.
  • To make trigger sprayers of bottles and to arrange battle.
  • To guess on a camomile.
  • From paper to put planes and to start them together.
  • To look at clouds and to compare what they are similar to.
  • All family to mold dumplings.
  • To shine in the dark with a small lamp.
  • To leave body prints in the form of angels on snow.
  • To sit together at a fire.
  • To fry bread on a twig and the furnace in coals potato.
  • To construct the sea sand castle.
  • To be dug in in sand.
  • To dig a deep well to reach water.

And what was done by you with the child or your parents with you when you were little? What on yours it is possible to add to this list? Think up amusing adventures and force svy children to smile and be happy every instant near you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team