How to start going to a garden

How to start going to a garden

Several councils how to accustom the child to a garden and how not to discourage there to go.


1. If you plan to send the child to a garden, begin with the fact that tell it about toys, children, tutors. Adjust the child on a positive, but only do not deceive.

2. You resemble with the kid around a garden, and then walk with its future group. Never frighten the child by a garden.

3. Doctors it is better to pass in advance that medical examination did not leave a negative mark on a campaign in a garden. Better, of course, if you accustom the kid to a pot, teach to eat, put on, collect toys. It is necessary several months prior to receipt to accustom the child to the garden mode.

4. You should not leave the baby in the first day till the evening. Leave it for a couple of hours. When you come to take away, tell how you missed it. If everything is all right, then time of stay can be increased every day.

5. Be interested, than your treasure was engaged in a garden. Especially in the first week. If suddenly the kid refuses to tell, try to play a game: "hare goes to a garden" On the course of a game ask the child to draw a garden, and everything that there occurs.

6. Very useful business - a ritual. It connects the kid and mom. Think up the rituals. For example, farewell ritual. Let the child before leaving surely kiss parents, leaves a favourite toy on saving to the grandmother and so forth. Though in the first day it is better to take darling of "hare". Its presence will create illusion of security at the child. After you said goodbye and went beyond a group door, it is not necessary to stand and listen and furthermore to cry. Between you very strong connection, all your emotions are transferred to the child. Help the sun to settle comfortably in society.

7. It is necessary to be ready to the unpleasant moments. In few weeks at the child the appetite can worsen, he will begin to talk less, will cease to ask on a pot, can become reserved and begin to be ill. Support the kid, allow to shirk a garden. But do not forget to form good attitude to a garden. Let know that very much you love it, and it again with pleasure will go to a garden.

8. It is better to bring the modest kid into group in advance that he got used to a situation a little.

9. Upon termination of the first day prepare for the kid a gift. Let this day will be postponed in memory as the most joyful.

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