How to state problems at the psychologist

How to state problems at the psychologist

Many perceive the request for the help to the psychologist as recognition of sovy insolvency therefore when the person makes up the mind to this step, it is difficult to it to formulate the problem.

Why there are difficulties at the address to the expert

For many the address to the psychologist is serious and very disturbing event as the person is afraid to seem weak and insolvent in the solution of problems. Here it is necessary to recognize that difficulties meet in life of everyone, we overcome some, others demand the help of the expert. We can try to avoid the solution of problems, to postpone and transfer them on "then", however the price of these actions can be very high. Even when the person made the decision to address the expert, there are new difficulties – it is necessary to tell most clear and in detail about the feelings which could be saved for years. One more complexity is the fact that the person did not create trusting relationship with the psychologist yet, and it is necessary to tell about personal experiences and feelings.

How to formulate a problem

Your preliminary analysis will help to achieve from interaction of maximum efficiency a situation. Think what could be the cause of your difficulty and what ways of the solution of this problem can be. It will help you to save money on additional consultations and will help the psychologist to understand better a source and the reason of similar difficulties.

The most important that is required from you for effective interaction with the expert - it is sincerity. Remember that the psychologist with you on one party, he seeks to help you, and he will be able to make only if you are most truthful. Tell a little about yourself and about the life – it will not be waste of time, and will help to learn more more about you, to see some interrelations of events and it is better to understand the reasons of your difficulties. Remember that for psychologists there are strict rules concerning disclosure of information on clients therefore you can not be afraid for dissemination of these data. Be not afraid to cover most in detail the events connected with your problem and try to remember and systematize all trifles. Remember that the fact that it does not seem to you important can help to understand a situation to the psychologist. Besides, he has no task to criticize your actions and to make you diagnoses, so, he is with you in one team. Therefore on consultation it is not necessary to worry that will think of you something bad, it is necessary to concentrate on a solution only.

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