How to sterilize a milk pump

How to sterilize a milk pump

Milk pump – an invention quite new, but already strongly entered life of young mummies. It is very simple and convenient in use, besides gives the fine chance to keep breastfeeding even if the woman cannot spend the whole day with the kid.


1. Naturally, a milk pump and also a small bottle to which milk gets from it tanks for storage have to be always clean. Only in this case the decanted breast milk will bring benefit to your kid. As we know, even the small remains of old milk are the fine environment for emergence and development of various microorganisms. They about ease can get about intestines of the baby at the next feeding and cause a set of troubles: from dysbacteriosis and intestinal frustration to the hardest infections.

2. Usually resort to application of a milk pump if mom cannot feed the kid, it is forced to leave or plans to take medicine. Sometimes resort to decantation at emergence of cracks on nipples or with a large number of milk, especially at the time of establishment chest feeding. In any of these cases it is necessary to observe hygiene and to sterilize a milk pump and also other necessary accessories.

3. Before the beginning for children, or children's soap. It can be done hands or in the dishwasher. All ware, necessary for feedings (small bottles, tanks for storage of milk) need to be washed out carefully too.

4. Then it is necessary to rinse all the available details a large amount of water to wash away residues of detergent. If you have a sterilizer, then use it, working it agrees the instruction attached to it. If there is no such device, put all ware in a clean pan, pour water that it covered details, and put on fire. It is necessary to sterilize a milk pump within 10-15 minutes after water begins to boil. After sterilization it is necessary to drain accurately water and to allow contents of a pan to cool down.

5. It is possible to sterilize a milk pump on couple. At such way of sterilization on details there will be no raid which it is inevitably formed when boiling. For this purpose it is necessary to pour into a pan a little water, to put from above a colander, to put a milk pump and a small bottle in it. The colander at the same time should be covered. It is necessary to hold over steam a milk pump within 20-30 minutes after water boiling.

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