How to sterilize dummies

How to sterilize dummies

It is quite often possible to observe such picture: the baby spits out a dummy, that lands on a blanket, and mom, without excess talk, picks up it and pushes to the kid into a mouth. And on a dummy and so the considerable quantity of bacteria contains. And, arriving in this way, you increase their quantity and endanger the kid of infection with stomatitis.


1. For the skilled woman there is no problem - how to sterilize dummies. This process did not change within long years, and does not demand a lot of time. But, first of all, remember one simple thing: dummies has to be a little and it is necessary to store them in clean ware.

2. The easiest way of sterilization – boiling. Pour into a small clean saucepan a little water, bring it to boiling and ship in dummy water for a couple of minutes. Then take out them, and, having put on purely washed up plate, wait until they dry. Everything, dummies are ready to the use.

3. If you hurry, or you have no desire and time to boil dummies, there is an alternative option: boil the kettle and take a dummy within several seconds over steam. Of course, this procedure does not give an absolute guarantee of sterilization, but nevertheless it is better, than nothing.

4. You will have no question how to sterilize dummies if in your house there is a double boiler. There is enough if, having filled capacity with water, you install the timer for 2–3 minutes.

5. Now on sale it is possible to meet special sterilizers for pacifiers and small bottles. Buy one of them and facilitate to yourself work. Sterilization in these devices happens under the influence of an ultra-violet lamp which, as we know, well copes with microbes. Sterilization time only 3 minutes.

6. Some mothers process dummies in the Microwave oven. But this processing does not suit not for all types of dummies.

7. Dummies are not only rubber, but also plastic. Not all methods of sterilization are suitable for plastic dummies. Therefore, buying a dummy, take an interest at the seller of what material it is made and what way of processing is suitable for it best of all.

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