How to stick together the person from plasticine: help in early development of children

How to stick together the person from plasticine: help in early development of children

Time when it is time for kid to learn something new, to master a molding plasticine, for example comes. This material attracts very great interest, but to master here it and it is sometimes not so simple to mold some figure.

Acquaintance to plasticine

If the child already was 1.5 years old, time to acquaint him with a molding came. However it is necessary to be ready that before beginning to work with material, the kid, most likely, will want to taste it or to rub about a floor, furniture, to stretch, stick on hair and so forth. Avoiding extreme degree of "madnesses", nevertheless let's it it make. Let will satisfy the curiosity.

Then try to return it to the purpose of your game and to explain - for what plasticine is necessary and that you with it are going to do. The kid is ready categorically and does not want to consider such material, curious, new to himself in your interests as it has plans for its account? Do not insist. In other words, if the child is not ready yet and shows restlessness and absent-mindedness of attention, put everything in a box and defiantly remove for few weeks.

Then repeat all process anew. The kid surely learns a treasured box and, of course, will want to play again. But this time be more persistent and again explain and show to the baby what remarkable and bright things it is possible to mold from plasticine. If necessary repeat the procedure at first. Early development of the child also consists in it: training of assiduity and interest of the kid any occupation. If you are ready resolutely, show patience.

We mold the person

Of course, you should not begin to mold with the small child people at once. For a start contain create a circle, a cube, to an apple, then a doggie, a birdie and so on. From simple geometrical figures - gradually to difficult. Of course, at early age plasticine is extremely important in development of the kid. However use it more for a game, than for "work". As soon as all stages of acquaintance are passed, simple figures are stuck together, interest the kid in work on the real masterpiece. For example, suggest to stick together dad or the sister, the brother, the grandmother and so on. Watching whom he loves stronger. The imagination of the kid will be played, he with interest will set to work with your help. Begin with the head. Roll a ball, then start a molding of hair, eyes, a mouth. In process, ask the child questions: "And what at dad (the grandmother, the sister, etc.) eyes? And what volosik?" The kid will answer, and together you stick together the person. Depending on age of the child, define detail of your work. For example, it is not obligatory to mold a dress or trousers if the kid and is not 2 years old. You will master it much later. At the end suggest the kid most to show the masterpiece to that person to whom his laborious work was devoted. "Model" will praise the author that will cause delight in the child and will rouse it to even big fulfillments.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team