How to stimulate independent activity of children

How to stimulate independent activity of children

The child wants to do everything, but not everything at him turns out at once, he acquires experience and knowledge gradually. Inept actions it is possible "to crush" in the kid aspiration to independence, having made him diffident, diffident. It is desirable to avoid such mistakes.


1. You do not seek to make everything for the child even if it is so easier for you. Accustom him to put on, tie independently laces on boots, to do sandwiches and so on. It is necessary from time to time to allow him to work creatively, most if you want to bring up the mature and adapted for life personality. Stock up with patience and do not abuse the kid for his misses and mistakes. Remember that he wants to show you the solvency, he wants you to consider him dexterous, skillful and talented. Meet requirements of the kid and support his initiatives.

2. Perceive the child as a full-fledged being, do not take away from him the right to be a personality, respect him. His desires and priorities can not coincide with yours, but try to come after all to consensus, without humiliating the dignity of your child.

3. Of course, completely independent the child cannot be, he is wealthy not in everything yet. The independence is already put in it, and it will surely be shown if you put it on the right track. Encourage attempts of the child to make something even if it did not turn out. Show that you trust him.

4. The self-assessment of the kid to a large extent depends on opinion of adults. The crucial role in formation of feeling of the child is played by parents and the senior relatives. But the self-assessment is closely bound with the self-criticism braking independence "vigorous pace". The child doubts correctness of the actions, can feel uncertainty, become reserved and "run away" from any creativity, only not to be mistaken. Patiently point to it to its mistakes, explain in what it appeared not the rights, help it to create an adequate view of yourself.

5. Do not confuse childish obstinacy with his independence. The obstinacy is a manifestation of infantility, immaturity. Teach the child to concede and adjust the line of the behavior. On the other hand, through opposition the identity of the kid is under construction, his individual traits are put therefore completely you should not exclude conflictness. But it is impossible to answer with roughness whims and attacks of the kid, this scenario is destructive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team